Tickets in Rome

Tickets in Rome

Hop-on Hop-Off Bus in Rome

Enjoy a completely different view of the most important monument in the “Eternal City”.

Our customers have the chance to enjoy a fantastic view on our open top double-decker buses, with an audio guide in 8 different languages, hosting on board and 10 stops along the center of the city.

With all these features, the Hop-on Hop-bus represent the best comfortable way to visit Rome.

Daily Tour: 23€/adult - 11€/children
Panoramic Tour 24 hours: 28€/adult - 14€/children
Panoramic Tour 48 hours: 31€/adult - 15€/children
Panoramic Tour 72 hours: 35€/adult - 17€/children

Essential in Rome

Now you can visit the essential monuments in Rome (Colosseum, Rome forum, Palatine Hill) with Guide.


The Colosseum is a massive ancient amphitheater in the center of Rome. Picked apart by scavengers, and ravaged by earthquakes and time, the Colosseum still stands as an impressive symbol of life in Ancient Rome. It showcases the power of past emperors and the durability of the Eternal City.

This huge marble and limestone structure was built to hold more than 50,000 spectators, all there to revel in the various forms of (mostly violent) entertainment, such as hunts, gladiator battles, and executions.

Vatican City

The Vatican Museums are full of artistic and historical treasures by some of the world’s greatest artists. Inside you’ll find epoch-defining masterpieces from Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian and Caravaggio (to name a few).

The collection, housed in 54 galleries, includes the statue of Laocoön, the Apollo del Belvedere, the Gallery of Tapestries, the Gallery of Maps, and of course, the Sistine Chapel, with Michelangelo’s renowned frescoes. The artwork here changed the course of Western art.